Sibley Watson Digital Archive

When family documents are scattered in multiple repositories over many decades, it becomes a scholarly challenge to assess the scope of materials available and to create critical narratives which are complete and accurate. A potential solution to this problem is to design a scalable, extensible, standards-based framework for publishing family papers and related photographic material […]


Mediate is a tool that allows for groups of researchers to collaboratively annotate, query, and visualize temporal media. The project is currently in the alpha stage, and is built with Django, OpenCV, PostgreSQL, and ReactJS. Scholars: Joel Burges

In The Field

In The Field brings networking among social scientists into the 21st century. Our goal is to create and maintain an interactive website that will enable political scientists - and, ultimately, all social scientists engaged in the field research - to easily forge connections with one another across the globe. Scholars: Gretchen Helmke and YeonKyung Jeong […]

Once Upon a Plaque in China

Created by students in the course "HIS142: Traditional China", students created digital plaques (imagine an engraved "Golden Plaque" like the Pioneer Plaque that was launched into space by NASA in 1972), and digitally-retouched Chinese-style traditional paintings, where students used Photoshop to insert themselves into the paintings. Scholar: Elya Jun Zhang Website:

Data Dictionary Generator

Data Dictionary Generator Aimed at the TEI editing community and intended to be run inside the XML Editor, the DDG generates profiles of every element and attribute appearing in a TEI file. Each entry includes a definition from the TEI Guidelines, a local, project-specific definition (if provided), and a brief snapshot of how the element or attribute is […]

Virtual St. George's

Virtual St. George’s will combine the historical precision of a community study across twelve generations (1612-1900) with 3D renderings of the townscape at various key years (1620, 1660, 1700, 1775, 1812, 1865) and video game design character animation and interactivity with rigorously researched avatars. Scholar: Michael Jarvis Visit the Smith's Island Archaeology site.  

Bragdon Train Station

Our project uses the digital environment to re-create both the structure and the experience of a building that no longer exists:  the main railroad station In Rochester between 1914 and 1963.  The architect of the train station was Claude Fayette Bragdon, a man notable both for his designs and for his theoretical writings on space.  […]

Reenvisioning Japan

Re-Envisioning Japan: Japan as Destination in 20th Century Visual and Material Culture (REJ) is an online critical archive of tourism, travel, and educational ephemera that documents changing images of Japan and its place in the world in the early-to-mid-20th c. Five “exhibits” contain promotional material or objects reflecting travel to or interest in Japan, linking […]