Once Upon a Time

Yuan Shun (1711-1795): Witness of the High Qing Period Laura Biondecci (1699-1752): An European Woman Painter in Qing China Cecilia Aadenburg (1630-1692): A Medici Girl's Story with the Chinese Maritime King Qing Wanglian (1630-1692): Painting through the Pain Li Tianba (1614-1686): A Father that Won and World but Lost His Son Wan Yi (1150-1210): A Tragic Female Entrepreneur in Song China Vincent Blake (1773-1822): A English Opium Courier in China Zhao Tianyao (1040-1100): A Philanthropist Merchant in Song China Yang Zhi (1511-1561): A Pirate in Constant Defiance of the Ming Dynasty Li Ruolin (900-962): A Tang Princess Lost in the Silk Road Fodo (1626-1703): Caught between the Manchu and Han Zheng Ping (1624-1645): No Country for an Idler Giuliano Vivolo (1249-1300): Marco Polo’s Ghostwriter Li Yueyue (1125): A Desperate Courtesan's in a Desperate Time Hu Bailian (1380-1432): Daughter of the Last Chinese Chancellor Yan Shengli (1090-1160): The Unaccomplished Reformer Wang Lifang (1108-1180): A Chinese Man among the Jurchens Zu Xiaoren (1712-1774): A Manchu Expert on the Dzungars and Tibetans Yelu (1585-1672): Hong Taiji's Chief Military Strategist Hong Guoji (1570-1660): Born and Lived for War Zhao Jiaming (1229–1279): The Last Defender of the Song Dynasty Shi Ma (1093-1121): The Infamous White Lotus Rebel Ying Le (1120-1175): A Life of Emotions
No. Time (CE) Name Keywords Title Author
1 1773-1822 Vincent Blake English opium trader in China Vincent Blake: Opium Courier Freire, Karen
2 1712-1774 Zu Xiaoren A Manchu expert on the Dzungars and Tibetans Zu Xiaoren: the Backbone of the Qing Zu, Ryan
3 1711-1795 Yuan Shun Emperor Qianlong’s life friend Yuan Shun: the Strategist Xie, James
4 1699-1752 Laura Biondecci The only European female painter in the Qing court “Our Sister Painter”: the Life of a European Woman in Qing China Scheuerman, Elizabeth
 5 1630-1692 Cecilia Aadenburg Coxinga’s Italian lover The Life of Cecilia Aadenburg Croft, Katelyn
6 1626-1703 Fodo A Manchu princess married to a Chinese man Culture Shock: Caught between the Manchu and the Mandarin Nortz, Bonnie
 7 1624-1645 Zheng Ping A young man lost in the Ming-Qing transition No Country for an Idler: the Life of Zheng Ping Liu, Tong
8 1614-1686 Li Tianba A father that won the world but lost his son The Life of Li Tianba Strul, Adam
 9 1585-1672 Yelu Hong Taiji’s chief strategist Yelu: The Military Strategist Ding, Jieyuan
10 1570-1660 Hong Guoji The Manchu warrior that lived only for war Of War and Weakness: The Life of Hong Guoji Jeng, Jonah
 11 1511-1561 Yang Zhi Legendary pirate in Ming China Constant Defiance: A Study of the Life of the Ming Chinese Pirate Yang Zhi Yang, Felix
 12 1380-1432 Hu Bailian Daughter of the last Ming chancellor Hu Bailian: The Fall of Chancellorship and the Rise of Chinese Naval Expedition during Ming Zhao, Sophia Runxuan
 13 1249-1300 Giuliano Vivolo Marco Polo’s ghostwriter Polo’s Ghostwriter: Giuliano Vivolo Heinzelmann, Jacqueline
 14 1229-1979 Zhao Jiaming The last defender of Song China Zhao Jiaming: the life of the Song Dynasty’s Last Defender Leung, Garwin
 15 1150-1210 Wan Yi A tragic female entrepreneur Female Status in Southern Song Dynasty Liu, Ziyu
 16 1125-1165 Li Yueyue A courtesan’s desperate life Desperate Time and Desperate Life Wang, Rutian
17 1120-1175 Le Ying A soldier-turned-Daoist monk Ying Le: A Life of Emotions Le, Henry
18 1108-1180 Wang Lifang A Song China man found his destination among the jurchens The Life of Wang Lifang during the Rise of the Jin Dynasty Wong, Issac
19 1093-1146 Qing Wanglian A woman painter dislocated by war Painting through the Pain Salen, Sofia
20 1093-1121 Shi Ma The White Lotus rebel Shi Ma: the Infamous Rebel Leader Du, Alex Yuhui
 21 1090-1160 Yan Shengli Reformer of the Civil Service Exam Yan Shengli: the Unaccomplished Wu, Melissa
22 1040-1100 Zhao Tianyao A philanthropist merchant and friend of Su Dongpo The “Great Philanthropist Merchant” in Song China Zhao, Tianyao
 23 900-962 Li Ruolin A Tang princess in the Silk Road Princess Li Ruolin: the Educator and Calligrapher of the Li Family Sterling, Caroline